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We are a Full-Service Marketing Agency. 

Founded on the principles of impactful marketing, Pauwerful Strategy LLC is a distinguished Bilingual (English and Spanish) Full-Service Boutique Agency with a robust presence in key locations such as New York City, the Caribbean Region, Miami, and Orlando, Florida. With a diverse portfolio that spans global collaborations and successful management of multinational teams spanning over 20 countries, we have cultivated a deep understanding of diverse cultures. Under the visionary leadership of Paulette Hernandez, an accomplished marketing professional with over two decades of industry experience, Pauwerful Strategy LLC brings together strategic acumen, creative excellence, and data-driven methodologies to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

Pauwerful Strategy has established itself as a visionary force in the marketing industry and has demonstrated its prowess through collaborations with tech giants and leading corporations. Notably, Pauwerful STrategy LLC embarked on a pioneering partnership with Google to refine their cutting-edge AI tool, Bard. Over a dedicated two-month project, our expert team worked alongside Google's developers, contributing invaluable insights to optimize Bard's functionalities. This collaboration underscored our commitment to driving technological advancement through strategic innovation.  

Empowering Cultural Relevance 

Our agency's impact extends far beyond technological collaborations. Pauwerful Strategy LLC played an integral role in revolutionizing user experiences by working closely with Apple to enhance facial recognition technology for their Hispanic market. In addition, we partnered with industry leaders such as PayPal and Citi Bank, providing comprehensive feedback and recommendations for optimizing their customer service chatbot. These collaborations highlight our multifaceted approach to innovation and our dedication to making technology accessible and effective for diverse demographics.  





Recognizing the influence of social media, Pauwerful Strategy LLC has been at the forefront of optimizing user experiences on major platforms. Our collaboration with Facebook saw us enhancing the usability of the Portal Device for the Hispanic audience, incorporating seamless Spanish commands that resonate with this demographic. Furthermore, we leveraged our expertise to strategically place ads on Spotify’s dynamic platform, maximizing engagement and brand visibility. Our proficiency in tailoring strategies for specific platforms underscores our commitment to delivering impactful results in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.  



At the heart of Pauwerful Strategy LLC lies an unwavering commitment to driving positive change through impactful campaigns. Our CEO, Paulette Hernandez, brings a unique perspective to our work, informed by personal experience with the devastating impact of controlled substance use on families—a profound journey marked by the loss of a loved one due to a drug overdose. Paulette's active involvement in mentoring and coaching individuals within low-income communities who have faced the challenges of drug and sexual abuse lends an empathetic and compassionate dimension to our approach.


Some of our services are:

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing Management - Proud Partners of Constant Contact

  • Content Marketing

  • Business and Marketing Proposals (For SBA and Businesses)

  • Web Development (Squarespace, Shopify, Wix)

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Digital Media Buying

  • Packaging Design

  • SEO & PPC Services

  • Space Design (Events, Office, Tradeshows, etc.)

  • Event Production and Management

  • Public Relations - Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Community Relations. Crisis Management and Online and Social Media Communications

Our goal is to build a long-term, cohesive relationship with our clients. Let us implement the best strategy for the best ROI!

Elevating Engagement on Social Platforms

Commitment to Positive Change


No Charge
Discovery Call

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